Transform your sales results & immediately Boost Your Confidence

Sales is one of the most important industries in the world and one of the highest paying..If you are an ethical & driven person which I'm Sure You Are!

Here are a few tips to help you begin to  successfully navigate this endeavor

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1. Show Your Prospects Your Product Has Value 
Girl, it’s the worst when you work up the courage to sit down and share your company/products with a prospect, and you are immediately met with skepticism, questions you don’t have answers to, and a feeling of defeat.

I wanna tell you, you're not alone, but you totally can fix this! Did you know that we, as humans, are energy detectors? I’m sure there is some science on it that I don't know about, but I can tell you from personal experience and the experience of my sales teams – prospects pick up on your energy.

If you are stressed, they feel it – if you feel pressured to make the sale, they feel it. If you’re calm and confident, they feel it.

So, my first question for you is, are you 110% sold on your product or services, or do you have reservations/questions/concerns? 

Now, maybe you’re 100% sold on your product/company, but there is something that you feel unclear on...

I tell ya what; it's crazy how often your concerns become the concerns of your prospect. We humans can feel if something is “off." So, above all else, you must first take the time to get clear & confident about the aspects of your company/product that make you feel uncertain/uneasy.

It's crazy how ofter your concerns naturally become the concerns of your prospect. Hence, preventing you from ever getting the sale.

So be sure you are 110% Confident & Sold on your products before you begin to sell someone else. 

2. Effectively Sell without Being Pushy 
If you’re like me, you are innately a people pleaser and want everyone to like you. 

So, how to use this personality trait in your favor and not let it debilitate you in this industry of sales…learn to Serve Not Sell.

How do you do this? Ask questions to quickly uncover what your prospect needs and how your product/company can solve that individual's biggest problems. 

When you serve your prospects and are genuinely interested in solving their problems with your products, you will be the recipient of engaged prospects.

You also won't have to be pushy because you're not trying to shove a round peg in a square hole. You know exactly what they need and how your products can solve their problems, even if that problem is as simple as needing cute, quality head bows or as big as needing to lose 75 pounds.

3. Increase your Confidence in Minutes
We all know the importance confidence plays in every aspect of our lives; confidence is the key ingredient to true joy and success in any endeavor. 

It is also the key ingredient to a highly successful career in sales, and even though confidence is something you will work on your entire life – here is #1 tip for increasing confidence IMMEDIATELY. 

It’s a technique called power posing. 

In a TED talk entitled “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are,” social psychologist, author, and speaker Amy Cuddy shares the concept of power posing. 

I have used power posing and have taught it to my teams, and it's crazy what a mental shift you can make in terms of confidence and energy, in a short amount of time, by power posing! 

It's a 21 min TED talk, and I highly recommend it!

If you want, I can send you the TED talk
My #1 Strategy for Hitting Sales Goals
Hi, I'm Shanelle
shanelle kunz, female sales coach, sales mentor, sales coach
A little about Shanelle: I am a Chocolate Fiend, Adventure Seeker, and Sales Enthusiast! I have sold just about everything from recreational oxygen, phone sales, to 5 years in door-to-door sales, managed door-to-door teams and even won car bonuses in network marketing.

With over 10 years in sales, I can confidently tell you that If you can sell one thing, you can sell anything. 

What it comes down to is personal confidence, a commitment to learning, and a few key sales strategies.

There is a learning curve with commission-only sales but once you overcome that - Commission Sales is one of the Greatest Industries in the World!

It's an industry that can empower you with time freedom and financial abundance not to mention the joy of having happy customers!

I am proud to be a saleswoman and of the thousands of happy customers I have made over the past 10+ years! I hope to empower you to feel the same! 
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